Monday, November 26, 2012

Immediate Annuity Plan from Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance

After living a successful life and fulfilling your family’s dreams, you wish to live your retired life to the fullest too. You want to ensure a self sufficient future for yourself that enables a dignified retirement and peace of mind in your golden years.

SUD Life Immediate Annuity plan provides all of this and more. 

With Immediate Annuity plan your retirement is financially secured with regular life time income in the form of annuity payments. An affordable plan with minimum purchase price of Rs. 5,00,000, this plan is set out to bring the best value of your hard earned savings and ensure a happy retirement to you. You may choose any one option from the 4 options available under this plan, depending upon your annuity requirements and future needs. 

 1) Life Annuity 
 2) Life Annuity with return of purchase price 
 3) Life annuity that increases by 5% every year with return of purchase price on death 
 4) Life annuity that increases by 5% every year without return of purchase price on death


france pope said...

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jackjack said...

This plan looks good to me. Hope to enroll myself in same kind of annuity plan in near future.
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